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Third Tube strike set to bring travel misery


Third Tube strike set to bring travel misery

By Peter Woodman, PA

Monday, 1 November 2010

Millions of commuters face travel disruption tomorrow as a third 24-hour strike on London Underground (LU) begins.

The strike by the TSSA and RMT transport unions is in protest over job cuts for 650 ticket office staff and 150 station managers.

The stoppage is due to start from tomorrow evening, with services not expected to return to normal until Thursday morning.

The Spurs versus Inter Milan Champions League football match tomorrow night in north London is among the events affected.

Both unions are still at loggerheads with Transport for London (TfL) and most Tube lines are expected to be affected.

TfL has pledged to keep London moving and extra bus and river services are being laid on to get Londoners to work.

Planned roadworks are being delayed or curtailed where possible and TfL will be working to keep road traffic flowing around key transport hubs.

TfL has said that LU was able to operate 40% of its services during the last strike day on October 3.

A fourth stoppage is planned for November 29.

London Mayor Boris Johnson said: “Londoners have shown that they will not be deterred from their daily business by these pointless strikes.

“The action of the union leaderships may cause some inconvenience but we are determined to keep the capital moving by providing a plethora of alternatives so that people can get around.

“Whether by bus, boat or bike when Londoners beat the strike for a third time I hope the RMT and TSSA leaderships will face facts and see that their action achieves nothing aside from depriving their members of another day’s pay.”

SSA leader Gerry Doherty said: “Boris Johnson has always demonstrated a cavalier approach to the truth throughout his topsy turvy career, as Londoners know from his election pledge to keep open all Tube ticket offices.

“Now he is playing a poor man’s Churchill in urging the people to beat a strike that he has caused by tearing up his own election manifesto.

There were delays on the Underground’s Victoria line in the early part of the rush-hour today.

The delays were the latest in a series of problems which have affected morning Tube services in recent days.


olympic 1 day ago
TFL management are yet again scamming the customer, refusing to refund or credit customers for strike days, which is blatant theft. They claim they have some clause which the sneak into their ‘terms’ which allow them to blindly rob customers who have paid for a capability they cannot provide. TFL is unable for one reason or another to provide a service to everyone on strike days – therefore they should compensate those people who purchased season tickets who were unable to travel. 

TFL also comes out with sound bites like some political organization claiming they are ‘adding 100 extra buses’. – Yet when considered with the total number of routes this is less than 0.5 of a bus per route – and what they conveniently forget to mention is that the capacity on less than half a bus per route cannot even begin to cope with the demand on those services.

It is a scandal that TFL refuses to allow passengers to travel one station zone out of their travelcard in order to connect with a transport hub to then make connections to their destination. Fact – TFL owns the TRAMLINK service in South London and the ‘London Overground’ – Yet as wholly owned group companies they pretend they ‘cannot’ ask them to accept passengers on any ‘reasonable route’ to reach their destination without being charged additional revenue. Only TFL would think they could get away with such blatant day light robbery and actually make money from a strike by charging people extra instead of assisting them. This comes after boris put out a press release claiming he had ‘ordered’ bosses at TFL to pull out all the stops.
Does TFL/Boris think Londoners are as stupid as they are?

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