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Israel destroys dairy farm in occupied Palestine.

by on May 3rd, 2012.  Find Full Article Here:-

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Destruction of dairy farm in Khaled al Wardeh May 1, 2012

On May Day, a day in Israel in which all government offices are closed, in the village of Khaled al Wardeh outside Hebron, the Israeli military demolished a dairy farm.

Receiving this horrific story via my inbox today threw me. I googled it over and over again and was astounded that this report, from the Christian Peacemakers, was the only documentation of a crime that should shock the conscience of humanity: the demolition of a whole dairy farm, the livelihood of 4 families, who provide sustenance for a much wider population. Look at this farm! Look at it and think of farms in your country. Gone, destroyed, for what? What could possibly justify this act?

More photos available at Christian Peacemaker Teams website.

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May Day destruction

The Israeli military has an odd way of observing May Day, International Worker’s Day, by destroying the livelihoods of four families. Khaled al Wardeh is near the Palestinian town of Beni Na’im, 5 miles east of Hebron.

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