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Judge’s son caught with cocaine and Ecstasy keeps job as barrister.

By   28th May 2012.    Find Full Article Here:-

The son of one of the country’s top High Court judges, Henry Mostyn, was caught with cocaine and Ecstasy just weeks after qualifying as a trainee barrister.

Judge's son caught with cocaine and Ecstasy keeps job as barrister

His father Mr Justice Mostyn left his wife of 30 years after beginning an affair with Elizabeth Saunders, 42 (L).

The former Etonian and Oxford University graduate was arrested as he stood in a queue outside an east London nightclub in December last year, a tribunal heard.

The 25 year-old, whose father, Mr Justice Mostyn, was one of Britain’s most respected divorce lawyers before being appointed a judge, was held in a police cell and fingerprinted after being discovered with £40 of cocaine and Ecstasy.

The Bar Disciplinary Tribunal was told the young lawyer, who had started working at one of the capital’s leading chambers of barristers just weeks earlier, was later handed a caution by police for possession of Class A drugs.

His superiors at 4 New Square chambers, which is located just behind the High Court in central London, have since decided not to discipline him, the hearing was told.

On Monday, Mostyn, who read Mathematics at Pembroke College, avoided being disbarred despite admitting one charge of professional misconduct under the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales, which prohibits “engaging in conduct that is discreditable to a barrister”.

Describing it as a “very sad case”, Judge Julia Dias, QC, said he was guilty of a “lamentable lack of judgment”. She issued an official reprimand and ordered him to pay a £250 fine and £355 in costs.

“You are very young and at the very start of your career, and have no doubt suffered very greatly already through the whole experience of being arrested, taken to the cells, and fingerprinted,” she said.

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