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UK MET Pc Simon Harwood cleared over Ian Tomlinson manslaughter.

This is a real example of Britsh Justice gone very wrong.  There is so much video footage of this incident out there on the internet, it is just quite incredible that Harwood can be found  “Not Guilty” unless the Jury were “Lent On”…

You might think that but “I couldn’t possibly comment”.

By Paul Peachey  19th July 2012.  Find Full article Here:-

Harwood                                                          Tomlinson
A riot policeman who beat a homeless man with a baton and shoved him to the ground was today cleared of manslaughter.

Pc Simon Harwood was acquitted of killing Ian Tomlinson at G20 protests three years ago despite acknowledging at the trial that he was wrong to hit the unemployed alcoholic who was trying to get home through the crowds.

It can be reported for the first time today that PC Harwood, 45, faced a string of complaints while serving with two forces. Only one was upheld.

He quit the Metropolitan Police in 2001 on medical grounds just weeks after papers were lodged for a disciplinary hearing over a road rage case in which he was accused of attacking a driver while off-duty.

The case was never heard.

See also – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/9404721/Ian-Tomlinson-what-jury-didnt-know-about-Pc-Simon-Harwood.html

Ian Tomlinson: what jury didn’t know about Pc Simon Harwood

PC Simon Harwood has a disciplinary record littered with complaints of aggressive behaviour and misconduct and once admitted being sent into “red mist mode”, it can be disclosed today.

And also –  http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/jul/19/ian-tomlinson-case-simon-harwood-cleared?newsfeed=true

Simon Harwood cleared of killing Ian Tomlinson, but questions remain

Scotland Yard admits to mistakes over acquitted officer as chequered disciplinary record emerges


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