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Don’t lose sight of why the US is out to get Julian Assange.



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Just a heads up, regarding Ecuador’s newest citizen…

This is well worth a watch, the link is below and what follows is well worth a read.

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Four Corners, an investigative journalism website, has released a video about how the Swedish case against Julian Assange came to be.
Four Corners is Australia’s premier television current affairs program, and has released a video  telling the story about Julian Assange‘s visit to Sweden, and the alleged rape charges against him.

Watch Video Here:-

Also separately, this is a very good article, worth a read,
Don’t lose sight of why the US is out to get Julian Assange.

Ecuador is pressing for a deal that offers justice to Assange’s accusers – and essential protection for whistle-blowers.

Below are some comments about the piece:-

The problem for the Swedes is that the US holds an enormous number of incriminating documents whose release would utterly dispel the myth of Swedish non-alignment going back more than 50 years and expose the country as a full-fledged member and supporter of the Western alliance and a rather effective US puppet.
Could the current Swedish political and economic elite survive the volcano of outrage that would follow revelations concerning the real roles and fates of Raoul Wallenberg and Olof Palme and the crude machinations, covert manipulations and overt hypocrisy of the supposedly benign Stockholm-based Nobel committees? Hardly.
The whole basis of post-WWII Swedish society and culture would be exposed as one gigantic and sordid fallacy. Even Andrew Brown would be compelled to reassess his past.
The US has Sweden over the barrel.
(The irony of the present situation is that the US might very well attempt to release these incriminating documents via Wikileaks!)

Why have you shied way from stating factually & clearly that the US has not only kidnapped, tortured and illegally incarcerated its enemies, real or imagined, on a global scale – and continues to do so under the corrupt war criminal Obama – but has also murdered and assassinated such enemies (real or imagined) along with thousands of innocent by-standers without any recourse to due process of national or international law? Obama has violated and put asunder every tenet of the First, Second, Fourth & Fifth Amendments of the US Constitution. This US administration has turned the US into nothing more than a despicable, cowardly, uncivilised bully and a terrorist nation. The hypocrisy of its attorney general, Eric Holder, and that bitch Hillary Clinton stinks to high heaven but these shameless creatures have become whores of Obama (as Blair was/is to Bush) and mindlessly support/perpetuate his lies and barbarity. You are correct though that we should not lose sight of why Obama is out to get Julian Assange [and Bradley Manning]. Not only press freedom and freedom of information but all our freedoms (of which freedom of expression is but one) are at stake.
Far too little, and far too late. I fear this article is just lip service – coming as it does days after the main event and after the media storm has passed – to give the impression that the Guardian is an objective organ when the reality is that its anti-Assange agenda is set in stone. This article should have been your editorial.
Are the authorities pursuing Assange so vigorously – threats have been made to storm an embassy, 50 cops on guard round the clock, helicopters buzzing overhead – because of the alleged crime he has committed or because of who he is?
How many extradition requests have been requested and granted in cases of suspected rape where the suspect has not even been charged with any crime? I would bet not many, because unfortunately the normal stance of the authorities to instances of alleged rape is indifference.
Does anyone honestly think he would put himself through years of legal wrangling and confinement to avoid a case – which in all likelihood would have been dismissed in a shorter time period or would have seen him complete the jail sentence – if he didn’t have legitimate grounds to fear rendition to the USA?? This is a case that the original Swedish prosecutor dismissed, but after there was a change in staff to someone with more accommodating in-tune political views, was re-opened.
Once Assange is on Swedish soil, branded and incarcerated as a criminal, an extradition to the US would be far more likely and less time consuming – not to mention more politically palatable for the British government – to achieve than if he remains on UK soil. Even with the UK being happy to extradite its citizens to the US, I find it extraordinarily hard to believe that the UK would extradite someone who had simply published information, but extraditing a convicted criminal from Swedish soil would be a much simpler task. And Sweden and the US have just such an extradition treaty in place that allows for the ‘temporary’ extradition of criminals wanted in the US!
Knowing the recent history of the US and witnessing how vengeful, paranoid and power hungry its government is, I really do fear for anyone facing the possibility of extradition to the US to face US ‘justice’ and with this in mind I feel that Assange is right to fear the worst and he is right to claim asylum. Both Sweden and UK have been complicit in illegal torture and rendition of people the USA doesn’t like. Sweden has had to pay out compensation to the victims of those it helped torture and rendition. These states can’t be trusted.
In the eyes of the USA, Assange is no different than Osama Bin Laden.

This is nothing new, from the Guardian December 18 2010

On the other side, Republican US senators have lined up behind the Democrat secretary of state Hillary Clinton to condemn him. Sarah Palin claims that he is “an anti-American operative with blood on his hands” that America should pursue “with the same urgency we pursue al-Qaida and Taliban leaders.” George Packer of the New Yorker magazine, called Assange “megalomaniacal” and Vanity Fair’s Christopher Hitchens called him “a middle man and peddler who resents the civilisation that nurtured him”. There have been disturbing calls from both Republicans and Democrats for him to be assassinated. But after Assange’s period in jail last week, the focus was switching. In today’s Guardian editorial, the newspaper explained why it had chosen to publish the sexual misconduct allegations in detail: “It is unusual for a sex-offence case to be presented outside of the judicial process in such a manner, but then it is unheard of for a defendant, his legal team and supporters to so vehemently and publicly attack women at the heart of a rape case.” The paper is reflecting a growing discomfort among many, in both camps, at the widespread vilification – and naming – of the two alleged victims on websites and blogs, and also of the kind of language being used by people including Assange’s own lawyer Mark Stephens who referred to the allegation as a “honeytrap” .



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