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If you thought Apple’s maps were weird, look at these.

By and     21st September 2012.

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With misspelled towns, missing landmarks and other geographical curiosities, Apple’s new Maps app has generated bemusement and frustration in equal measure. But maybe Apple should embrace the eccentricity of their new product instead of correcting the glitches. Below, Frank Jacobs, founder of Strange Maps, introduces 10 curious maps to marvel at.

The two dominant colours on the moon’s surface are dullish grey and pitch black – but only to the naked eye. The geological materials and phenomena that shaped the moon display such a wealth of differences that space geologists (in this case selenologists) have had to code them in a wide range of colours. An unintended side-effect of geological clarity is this joyous jumble of colour-coded impact craters, reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s action painting. Source: US Geological Survey, first published in Strange Maps #

This map, made by Stephen Von Worley at Data Pointed in 2009, is probably, sadly, already out of date – at the time, there were more than 13,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the US, or one for every 23,000 Americans. Within the thunder of dots, it also contains the McFarthest Place, tucked away in the wild uplands of South Dakota, 145 miles from the nearest McDonald’s. Source: Data Pointed, first published in Strange Map

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