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Iranian Scientist Discovers Protein Generating Plaque in Cardiovascular System.

Wednesday 31st October 2012 By Dhul Hijjah

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Nima Aqili, an Iranian cardiologist, reported that he has discovered a protein responsible for the generation of plaques in the cardiovascular system, a breakthrough which can help patients with heart artery congestion.

“In researches on animals, the protein effective in the generation of cardiovascular plaques was discovered,” Dr. Aqili, an Iranian cardiologist who works for one of Boston’s main hospitals in the US, told FNA in Tehran on Tuesday.

He said that the first stage of the research has been accomplished and he and his colleagues have found a protein named NPY which produces plaques in the cardiovascular system.

Dr. Aqili underlined that the discovery can lead to the production of a medicine for cardiac patients who suffer from artery congestion.

Iranian scientists have made giant advancements in different fields.

In September, Iranian scientists developed and produced a new type of medication for the treatment of heart failure, breaking the US and Israel’s monopoly in the field.

“The heart or brain vessels are blocked by blood clots after a heart attack and the medicine can dissolve the blood clots and open the blood vessels immediately,” President of Isfahan Pharmaceutical Company Abolfazl Mostafavi told FNA in September.

He said that the drug named ATP is not a chemical compound but an enzyme which exists in the body of everyone.

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