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Oliver Stone: Sandy Is ‘Punishment’ For Obama & Romney’s Silence On Climate Change.

The Huffington Post  By Kia Makarechi 30th October 2012.

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Ever-honest director and author Oliver Stone stopped by HuffPost Live on Tuesday to discuss Barack Obama’s presidency, climate change and his new book and documentary series, “The Untold History of the United States.”

Stone is an equal opportunity critic, arguing that neither Obama nor Mitt Romney tackled climate change in a substantive way. “I was a little disappointed at the third debate when neither of them talked about climate control and the nature of the situation on Earth,” Stone said. “I think there’s kind of a weird statement coming right after … this is a punishment … Mother Nature cannot be ignored. That’s all I thought about.”

American exceptionalism is among Stone’s “There’s this attitude that we ‘deserve’ to be in charge,” Stone said. “I don’t believe in that … We act as if we have this right of kingship — we act as tyrants.”

“We learn the history of the victors,” Peter Kuznick, a history professor at American University and partner of Oliver Stone said. “We learn this triumphant version of history, that the United States is the shining city on the hill.”

Despite his criticisms of the Obama administration, Stone freely admitted that he had already pre-voted in support of the president’s reelection. The filmmaker’s main reasons for casting his ballot in Obama’s favor were based on the president’s ability to think rationally and perform “brilliantly” in the context of debates.

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