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US Army Suicides This Year Exceed 2012 Combat Deaths in Afghanistan.

Posted by JOE on October 28th, 2012.

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(CNSNews.com)   The number of suicides among U.S. Army active duty and reserve personnel in 2012 is higher than the total combined military fatalities from Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan over the same timeframe.

Even without Army data for October, the number of deaths believed to be suicides among U.S. Army personnel from January through September still surpass the combined military combat deaths in Afghanistan from January up to October 22.

In 2012, there have been a total of 247 suspected suicides among Army active and reserve duty personnel. Of those, 158 have been confirmed as suicides and 89 remain under investigation.

According to the Afghanistan Index database maintained by the Brookings Institution, there have been 222 combined military deaths in 2012 among active and reserve components from “hostile causes,” as of Sept. 28. (p. 11 Figure 1.17)

An additional 40 military fatalities were the result of “non-hostile causes,” which means they were fatalities not caused by the Taliban, insurgency forces or Afghan forces – so-called “green-on-blue” attacks.

Brookings compiles Operation Enduring Freedom-related statistics based on its monitoring of the Department of Defense.

Although not all combat-related deaths in Operation Enduring Freedom happened in Afghanistan, the vast majority have taken place there, especially in recent years.

According to data released last Friday by the U.S. Army for the month of September, there were 15 potential suicides among active duty soldiers, which is the same number of potential suicides which occurred in August. Initially, that number was 16, but one case has since been removed from the list.

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