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Israeli Anti-Missile Test Blew Up Space Shuttle Columbia.

By Yoichi Shimatsu 2nd February 2013.  Find Full Article Here:-

Ten years ago, the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded on descent during a top-secret mission. At the time, my analysis of the cause of the blast drew support from American aerospace engineers along with angry death threats from zealots in the Israeli Air Force. Not only was the Israeli military incensed by my revealing that their faulty laser gun system had destroyed the U.S. space craft from within but also that the expose was seen as insulting to astronaut Ilan Ramon, the Israeli war hero who had earlier led the air strike on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactor.

The Challenger disaster of January 28, 1986, was immediately followed by the greatest cover-up in aerospace history, an information blackout that continues till now, even after the termination of the shuttle program. The deaths of seven crew members and scientists on mission STS-107 launched January 16, 2003, were not due to an accident at launch that scraped foam insulation panels from the ship’s hull, as claimed by NASA. That is an out-and-out official lie, and many NASA insiders are well aware that the foam story does not fit the facts.

The actual cause of the Columbia explosion was the malfunction of an anti-ballistic missile weapons systems designed by the Israel Defense Force, which had been secretly mounted aboard the shuttle in preparation for the Iraq War.

The Israeli laser gun on the Columbia is not a sci-fi fantasy. It was the prototype for the current Boeing YAL-1 airborne laser testbed. Although the IDF laser shot was successful, bursting a test rocket midair over the White Sands Test Range in New Mexico, its firing overheated the nuclear-isotope power system. The result was a radioactive cloud that disintegrated the Columbia.

The Smoking Gun of Americium-242

Salvage crews searching for the shuttle debris scattered across Texas were warned about the potential presence of americium-242, a radioactive isotope that vigorously emits neutrons. Since this isotope (which is much more radioactive than the common varietal 241 used in smoke detectors) has no conceivable purpose on a civilian space shuttle, its presence indicated that the Columbia’s secret tests involved a high-powered weapons system. A space engineer at Houston Center confirmed that isotopes including americium-242, neptunium and californium can be used to generate electrical power.

The smoking gun evidence came to my desk in the form of photos from a Western intelligence service, which had intercepted satellite images from three Israeli mini-satellites (each smaller than a basketball). The observation satellites had earlier been launched from the Columbia to record the laser gun’s effectiveness. The series of color images clearly showed that NASA lied about the Columbia catching fire below its left wing. The only heat from the left wing came momentarily from the laser gun, and not from friction during re-entry.

The satellite photos show that a first blast, indicated by a small yellowish cloud of gas, occurred in the rear section of the spacecraft. Just milli-seconds later, the white-hot gas triggered the fuel in the Columbia’s propulsion system, which exploded in a reddish fireball. The loss of the shuttle’s rocket engines and tail section left the stunned astronauts watching helplessly as their spacecraft started to break apart into fiery pieces.

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