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Actress Olivia Munn Bares All to Expose Chinese Fur Farms.

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After watching never-before-seen images of animals who were electrocuted, strangled and skinned alive on Chinese fur farms, Olivia Munn was shocked and sickened – as any kind-hearted person would be.

The Iron Man 2 star and long-time fur opponent narrates the hard-hitting new video, which she describes as “one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen.” It features harrowing scenes of workers who bludgeoned raccoon dogs, cut off rabbits’ heads, and ripped the fur off animals’ bodies as they writhed in pain, still conscious. It’s not an easy watch, but it’s a must-see for anyone who has ever been tempted to wear fur.

It also reveals another disturbing truth – the little-known fact that a lot of fur on garments comes from cats and dogs. Fur from China is often mislabelled so that consumers have no idea that what they’re wearing might once have been a beloved family companion animal.

Olivia’s advice? “Watch PETA’s video. It shows exactly where—and who—that coat or that ‘little bit’ of trim came from.” And after facing up to the reality of fur, please make a promise for animals – pledge to go fur-free from now on.


Olivia Munn for PETA

Starring in Iron Man 2 and as a correspondent on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, actor Olivia Munn knows how to find humour in just about anything. But one thing that Olivia finds absolutely no humour in is the violence inflicted on animals who will be killed for their fur. Olivia, who is of Chinese descent, bares more than just her skin to save animals’ skin: she is exposing fur farms in China, the world’s largest exporter of fur.

“Who needs fur to feel beautiful?” Olivia asks in the sexy ad, which was shot by top photographer Emily Shur. In her shocking undercover video exposé, Olivia explains that on fur farms in China, there are no penalties for cramming minks, raccoons, rabbits, foxes and even cats and dogs into tiny cages and then bludgeoning, suffocating, strangling or electrocuting them – or even skinning them alive – in order to turn their pelts into fur coats, trim and trinkets.

Olivia reminds us that when it comes to violence on fur farms, “There’s nothing good about pretending like you don’t know”. Please take a minute to watch the undercover video footage, then share the video on Facebook and Twitter to let your family and friends know not what they might be wearing, but whom.

You can help put an end to this bloody industry by refusing to buy or wear fur or fur trim. Sign the pledge to be fur-free, and send a powerful message to designers, retailers and others who profit off cruelty that compassion is timeless fashion.

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