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Our Nuclear Menace – Just as Darwin Would Have Predicted.

May 6th, 2014 By Andrew McKillop 

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Fukushima. It is perhaps the most under-reported cataclysmic event in human history. Maybe things would have been different had it happened in either Russia, Iran or North Korea.

By now, we can write off the mainstream media and our political creatures with regards to this catastrophe. For reasons associated with the nuclear lobby and its corporate machine, their tongues are tied on the issue.

More silence, a few new theories and a couple of less than convincing assurances like, “It’s all under control, the humming birds and the badgers have returned to the exclusion zone and there’s a lot of very affordable property now, lost of economic opportunity in Fukushima”, (if you had any doubt of how spineless and redundant our leadership would be in the event of a true humanitarian crisis, this should be your ‘eureka’ moment).  The best they could manage is release a new Godzilla film production – and that’s about as close as you’ll get to an admission from the global elite’s media machine.

THE CHINA SYNDROME: How far and to what extent the damage done by Fukushima will never be disclosed by governments chained to the bed post by the nuclear power lobby.

In alternative media, there is even a paralysis beginning to set in – a general malaise afflicting even those left with integrity enough to comment or honestly report on the crisis.

Already, the situation in Japan is so degraded that it’s almost past the point of blame game. It’s not so much that the establishment is holding a gun to our heads, as it is man-kind holding a shotgun to its own head.

A Major Glitch in ‘Evolution’ Theory

When it comes to devising new and creative ways to snuff out his own species, you really have to hand it to mankind.  Not surprisingly, Darwinian nihilists must be quietly chuckling in the corner.

Incredibly, many politicians, economists and even hard-core environmental priests, still love nuclear power. It’s a strange kind of love, or a Strangelove to be precise.

When an elite talking shop magazine like The Economist talks, it’s important to listen, not least of to know exactly what mainstream establishment talking points will be latched onto by ‘atomised’, lobotomised politicians and perpetually confused tenured academics. In an amazing example of newspeak pseudo-science, The Economist in its May 3rd edition claimed that the 3,000 square kilometre total exclusion zone around the exploded Chernobyl reactor provides  “an example of (natural) selection responding to human action that was most definitely unintentional: the explosion and fire at a nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, Ukraine, 28 years ago”. The Economist uses a study by a group of scientists headed by professor Timothy Mousseau of the US asking why birds and other animals living around Chernobyl have a better survival rate than animals and birds around Fukushima, to argue that animals “seem to have evolved to deal with the threat, just as Darwin would have predicted”.

Hold on. Did Darwin ever talk about nuclear reactors – more precisely exploded or melted down reactors? Concerning his evolution theory, major evolution in just 28 years would be pushing it, but The Economist would like us to believe that we are living in a Nuclear Age, so miracles can happen.

This is exactly to point where paid-for junk science becomes weaponised, and poses a direct threat to you and me.

The scientists headed by Mousseau found that antioxydants in the blood and feathers of birds, near Chernobyl, were significantly higher than in birds around Fukushima. These antioxydants, The Economist tells us, “mop up radiation”. Interesting theory. I wonder who sponsored that study?

To be sure The Economist did not state the conclusion it wants us to draw – exploded nuclear power plants are no threat, with time. Don’t panic, take your antioxydants, learn to love the happy atom, and embrace the new normal!


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