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Anura: The Beginning of the Drone Era for the Masses.

By Jason Lam  Find Article Here:-

A drone for everyone? It’s about time.

Drones are on top of everyone’s love-to-get gadget list, but they’re expensive, complicated, and a hassle to carry around. 

Then there are mini quadcopters—a better option for beginners since they’re less expensive and better able to survive multiple crashes (so you can learn to fly your machine before trashing it). But minis lack that all-important flight camera—so they quickly become boring and usually end up as static living room decorations, along with your high school soccer trophies and college diploma.

So maybe you want to add a micro camera and a few previewing solutions to jazz up the experience? Unfortunately, you’re looking at hundreds more dollars in cost, not to mention all the extra gear you have to lug around.

And yet.

There’s always that moment—-a lunch break on a beautiful afternoon, a gorgeous sky while you’re waiting for a friend, a clear, ochre day in autumn when the leaves are turning—and you know the aerial footage would be beyond compare.

And you say to yourself “I wish I had a drone with me.”

Anura is the perfect solution for this problem.  A Micro Drone slightly larger than an iPhone, it travels conveniently with the user wherever, whenever, 24/7.  Best of all, it requires only smart phone (IOS/ANDROID) to control and preview images.

Like streaming aerial footage? You’ll love the portability, convenience, simplicity and low price of the Anura.

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